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Surrey Translation Bureau was established as a professional translation agency in 1984 in Farnham, near London, UK. Back then, our small team offered translation in just a handful of languages. We used a few translators and the limited technology of the day. Now, after 40 years of dedication and hard work, we have developed an efficient and flexible system for our translators and clients. Our core principles remain unchanged, but we now boast a global network of resources, the best tools available, and a customer base who trust us to translate any text into any language for any industry.

As an award-winning ISO-certified translation agency, we offer language services to businesses, professional organisations, public bodies, individuals and other translation agencies. We cover almost all world languages and work with specialists in a wide range of fields including medical, legal, technical, marketing, financial, science, environmental and public sector.

ISO 17100 certification 2022 ISO 9001 certification 2022 ISO 18587 Feb 2022 Certificate

In addition to core translation, editing and revision, we provide other related language services – including SEO translation, DTP, localisation, terminology management, transcreation and legalisation. We also have expertise in more specialised areas such as subtitling and post-editing of machine translation. This comprehensive offering means our clients receive a complete package from a highly professional supplier. 

Surrey Translation Bureau’s mission today is to provide high-quality and customised language solutions for any client who wants to succeed in the dynamic global market by communicating more effectively with their customers and suppliers overseas.

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