Translating information leaflets for Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s i-access drug and alcohol service

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SABP) is the leading NHS provider of mental health, wellbeing and drug and alcohol services across Surrey and North East Hampshire. The organisation also provides crucial learning and neurodevelopmental disability services.

One of SABP’s key services is the i-access drug and alcohol service (i‑access) for people in Surrey who want to reduce their drinking, need help with problematic drug use, and/or are highly dependent on alcohol and want to stop drinking. To help make the treatment accessible to as many Surrey residents as possible, Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) has been supporting i-access by providing translation of information leaflets and other documents from English into several languages.

Translating for NHS SABP

“i-access’ experience with STB has been excellent. STB has delivered translation work on time, in good quality and with professional support service. The representative was always in communication throughout the process. The team was efficient and easy to work with; it was thorough and went above and beyond by seeking contextual information and providing explanatory notes as needed.”

Creating awareness with language support

To create more awareness about the services offered and deliver the relevant crucial details, i-access engaged STB to translate its service leaflets and group programme workbooks. These contain important information about the provision of treatment and recovery support, the referral process and multidisciplinary teams of the service. Given the diverse demography of Surrey and its border regions, the content was translated from English into Farsi, Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian and Nepali to make it more accessible.

An efficient treatment plan

STB started working with SABP in 2010, and it has an efficient workflow in place. For recent projects for i-access, we have followed a straightforward procedure. First, the client sends us PDF files, which we then convert into Word format to put into our translation software. Once the translation is complete, we then export back to Word format ready for delivery to the client. As the final output is often in a different script, we run extra quality checks to ensure no vital information is lost in translation, before delivering the translated files back to the client.

i-access provides additional resources or reference materials to help our linguists better understand the context and the content they have to translate. We also use a dedicated team of linguists who are familiar with the subject area to ensure that the translations are accurate and comprehensible to those in vulnerable situations.

Continued service

STB has been working together with the SABP for over a decade, helping them to raise awareness and offer vital support for a wide variety of issues. As a local Surrey business, we hope to continue providing language solutions to the organisation as they continue to deliver key health and wellbeing services to the local community.

Based in the heart of Surrey, Taylorwood Solutions have been providing bespoke website design and marketing solutions to small businesses locally and nationally for the last 12 years. They offer their clients continued support from the first step through to updating and maintaining the website on an ongoing basis, that’s why many of their clients have stayed with them for such a long time.

One such longstanding client is a provider of fully digital communal laundry rooms, primarily for student accommodation. Taylorwood Solutions manage their marketing and digital presence, including their apps. Since 2015, Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) has been supporting them in making their digital platforms and marketing content accessible to wider student groups by translating them into different languages.

Our clients depend on us to deliver the highest quality so it’s crucial to have a translation partner we can trust to maintain our standards. The team at STB are so helpful in finding the most efficient way to manage our marketing translation assignments. Knowing we can rely on them to deliver accurate, professional work on – or even ahead of – time gives us one less thing to worry about. We look forward to the continued collaboration.

Taylorwood Solutions

Tailored solutions

Taylorwood Solutions and their client identified Chinese, Welsh, French and Spanish as the key languages for reaching out to their target student groups in different cities across the UK. We translate marketing materials such as brochures, leaflets and posters from English into these key languages. At the outset of our collaboration, the client would send us just the English text in a Word file and we would deliver the translations in the same format. They then had to insert the text into the graphics, which is not easy in a foreign language, especially if the script is different, like Chinese.

We then suggested a more streamlined workflow, whereby they could simply send us the design files they use and we would send them back the translations in their native format with all the text in the correct positions. This process saved Taylorwood Solutions a lot of time and effort in placing foreign language texts in the right boxes and also ensured greater accuracy.

Washing away any confusion

To ensure their client’s laundry systems are more accessible and easier to use for foreign students, we also helped translate their app content into these same languages. As accuracy is key to ensure easy and safe usage, all translations are revised by a second linguist to ensure everything is completely correct and suitable for publication before delivery to the client.

With a simple workflow and effective line of communication, we have been working with Taylorwood Solutions for a long time. We hope to continue with the partnership for many more years to come.

OSKIA is a luxury cosmeceutical beauty brand specialising in cellular nutrition for healthy and glowing skin. Their products are designed personally by the founder, Georgie Cleeve, and formulated by an expert team of doctors, nutritionists, cosmetic scientists and skincare specialists. Launched in the UK in 2009, OSKIA is now a multi-award winning global brand.

Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) has been supporting OSKIA in their global journey from almost the very beginning, partnering with the skincare brand back in 2011. STB has since been providing translation of packaging text for the company’s skincare products from English into various different languages.

“Over the years we have gained an excellent working relationship with Surrey Translation Bureau. Any time we need translations in multiple languages we don’t hesitate to contact Surrey Translation Bureau. They are a wonderful team, highly professional, and not forgetting to mention very quick turnaround! We couldn’t recommend them enough.”

OSKIA Skincare

Translation – an essential ingredient

Even though English is spoken and understood worldwide, translating product labels is a key step that many cosmetic and skincare companies cannot skip when exporting. From a marketing perspective, it helps them to penetrate the international markets more effectively. It may also be a legal requirement, depending on the countries they are exporting to. For instance, most European countries compulsorily require information on labels for cosmetic products to be in the national language/s, particularly when it comes to precautions or warnings. Ensuring that accurate information is provided in the native language can also help to prevent adverse outcomes like health issues or allergic reactions due to key messages not being properly understood.

A formula that works

Whenever OSKIA are in the process of launching a new product, they approach the dedicated team at STB for translation. We translate the product information on the labels, including but not limited to ingredients, instructions for use and precautions.

As the information on the labels can contain chemical names and other specialist terms, we offer OSKIA our translation and revision service to ensure that the accuracy of the translated text is always checked by a second translator.

Furthermore, we offer quick turnarounds to make sure there are no delays in launching skincare products in the target markets.

A unique blend

As the translations required by this client tend to be quite short and need quick delivery, we offer the client a bi-monthly collecting purchase order. Collecting payment once every two months for all translations done in that period considerably reduces the admin time for our clients and our Accounts team.

We currently translate their content into eight languages: Italian, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian. After more than a decade, we are looking forward to expanding our offerings to OSKIA as their global presence grows!

Neilson Active Holidays is a multi-award-winning tour operator with over 40 years of experience within the travel industry.

Year after year, guests have returned to their resorts, whether it’s for a sailing lesson from their qualified RYA instructors, a freshly served cocktail by the experienced bar staff, or to hit the slopes with one of the Neilson Mountain Experts.

The company has branches and subsidiaries across Europe, including in Austria. For continued operation of the branch they need to file their UK company accounts information in German with the Austrian authorities every year. That’s where Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) came into the picture.

Neilson Active Holidays

“Working with STB has proven to be an easy solution to meeting a compliance requirement which we don’t have the expertise to handle internally. From quotation through to receiving our final translated documents, STB have delivered an efficient and reliable service: always meeting deadlines with high-quality output that we’re confident to submit to the local authorities.”

Navigating through the language challenges during COVID

With the pandemic significantly impacting the travel industry, Neilson Active Holidays had to find effective solutions to keep costs under control whilst the travel ban was in place. They were fortunate enough to have a German speaking employee in 2020, who was able to translate the financial documents for them internally. While this helped in getting the task done, the translations weren’t done to the same standard as a professional linguist. As the employee didn’t have a background in accountancy, the financial terms were loosely translated and didn’t often convey the right meaning or use the correct nuance for use in Austria.

An all-inclusive language solution

With their circumstances changing, Neilson Active Holidays decided to explore a more professional approach to getting their financial documents translated.

Since their Chief Financial Officer had a positive experience working with STB in a previous role, we were asked to quote for a translation project around mid 2021. Realising the impact of COVID on the travel industry, we offered them a significant discount on the translation of their financial reports.

Since then we have been translating and revising the company’s annual accounts for submission in Austria to ensure the smooth running of their Austrian branch.

Frequent flier

Neilson Active Holidays trust us with their translation needs and are currently in discussion with us for getting another set of financial documents translated. We have a smooth and efficient workflow in place with active lines of communication.

We look forward to continued collaboration over several years to come!

Southern Water Services are one of the largest water and wastewater companies in the South East of England. They supply nearly 532 million litres of drinking water every day to more than two million customers and treat and recycle 717 million litres of wastewater for more than four million customers in Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

They work together with their customers and local communities to provide a sustainable, high-quality water and wastewater service that helps create a resilient future for water in the South East. That’s where Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) come in.

STB have been working with Southern Water since 2015 translating a variety of information documents from English into several different languages.

“Surrey Translation Bureau and Southern Water have been working together for a number of years and they have provided an excellent service translating our Affordability leaflets and Priority Services leaflets into a range of languages, such as Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian and Chinese. This has allowed Southern Water to reach out and engage with hard-to-reach communities and provide extra support and advice.”

Fluid communication

To offer a more tailored service and support to their customers who don’t have English as their first language, Southern Water engage us to help get essential documents translated in the languages of their customers. From crucial information about their bills to details of additional support they can avail, the translations we do reflect the personal approach Southern Water provide to their customers. Some of the texts we have translated include leaflets about financial assistance and registering for Southern Water’s Priority Service. Here’s an example of a letter we translated that highlights how our client goes out of their way to support their customers:

Letter showing Southern Water offering a customer a translated letter in their native language

A perfect flow

For nearly a decade we have worked with the client to offer different linguistic services, including translation, revision and DTP, ensuring they get a complete package, tailored to their needs. We have a clear flow of communication with them and value them greatly as a client.

We hope the collaboration continues to run smoothly for years to come.

Valetime Group is a global management consulting firm that specialises in International Business & Company services. They offer corporate services and business management solutions to help their international clients evolve in the global marketplace. Valetime Group’s International Consultancy team use their professional expertise to offer specialist solutions related to marketing, strategic planning, accounting, finance and legal services, to meet each individual client’s needs. Valetime Group has over 40 years’ experience in helping businesses in Eastern Europe and have been playing a key role in supporting business in Ukraine. Their services include company formation, offshore business structures, international business advice, business consultancy, advisory services and international trade development. Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) supports their operations with translation services.

Valetime Group

“We require translation services at short notice, and we must have confidence in their accuracy. STB have a consistent record of delivering on both accounts. We often require a special solution by design. STB don’t just provide translations they contribute to our thinking about the project.”

We have a long-standing relationship with Valetime Group: completing our first job for them back in 2013! Since then we have been translating a wide variety of legal and administrative documents for their client businesses. The languages we normally translate from and into are English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and more recently Serbian.

Over the years, STB has worked with Valetime Group on various documents, such as court case notes, police certificates, trade mark licence agreements, and certificates of residency, often offering our certified translation services, to ensure the translations are officially recognised by the relevant legal or regulatory body in any specific country.

Supporting Valetime Group in helping businesses affected by the war in Ukraine

One of our latest projects with the client was the certified translation of ‘Certificate of Good Standing’ documents from English into Serbian for five medical diagnostic equipment suppliers who were transferring to safer locations, due to the impact of the Ukraine war.

These companies supply diagnostic equipment to hospitals and clinics, but their international business interests have been affected by the war. Valetime Group is assisting them by offering support to their displaced employees sheltering in neighbouring countries as refugees, responding to urgent requirements from war zone locations and helping them look after the continuing needs of patients with cancers, diabetes and other conditions which are prevalent in this area.

The companies urgently needed some administrative documents from the UK’s Companies House translated into Serbian. This was to facilitate some necessary changes for banking, logistics, export and entry clearance that are required in countries that are at distance from the war, but still indirectly affected. The documents were certified to satisfy various legal and financial requirements, including registration with international banks based in Serbia.

After delivery of the main certified translation bundles, Valetime Group required additional declarations to be translated ahead of a meeting with a Notary. Based on our experience of working with Notaries and knowing they feel more comfortable having the original and translated texts together, we delivered the translations in a bilingual format with the English and Serbian side by side. The client clearly communicated the urgency of the request, and the translations were expedited to meet the deadline. Our team were responsive when asked to make last-minute amendments to the wording and layout of the files to meet the client’s requirements, ahead of their meeting with the Notary.

“We need to meet the requirements of various international business cultures and understanding these can be a source of frustration. STB just stay calm and respond with enthusiasm to help us towards a solution.”

Ongoing support

After a decade of ongoing collaboration, we are extremely proud of our workflow and communication with the client. They clearly state their requirements in terms of deliverables and timelines, and they are very responsive and receptive to our ideas. We look forward to many more years of working together and supporting other local and international businesses.


BrightStarr is an award-winning technology consultancy that has been working with clients to build digital workplaces, platforms and tools on Microsoft technology for over ten years. The company achieved huge success with its digital workplace solution Unily, an employee experience platform that brings together enterprises and improves productivity, collaboration and engagement. So, in 2018, BrightStarr rebranded as Unily, to simplify the company’s go-to-market strategy around one platform and corporate name.


Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) started working with the company in 2015 to help make its products and solutions more accessible to a wider market.

“The team at Surrey Translation Bureau are friendly, professional, and reliable. We, at Unily, are always impressed by the quality of the translations and the speed at which they are delivered. Surrey Translation Bureau provides translations in multiple languages, including Spanish, Japanese, and Swedish. The team is responsive and have worked to tight deadlines. We look forward to continuing working with Surrey Translation Bureau.”

Improving the experience

Unily is always exploring ways to improve the customer experience and offering their solutions in a wide variety of languages is a key part of that approach.

To begin with, they used a free online translation tool but soon realised that the translations it provided were far from accurate, especially in less-common languages. They then tried using freelance translators but given the wide variety of languages there was a huge amount of admin work involved in managing the multiple linguists.

After experimenting with a couple of other translation options, they approached us. They wanted to outsource the whole translation process to a professional translation agency in order to reduce the inaccuracies and effort involved in prepping the text before and after using online translation platforms.

Seven years on, STB is still working as a trusted translation supplier for Unily!

A streamlined process

We started with a few languages but have now progressed to translating into 40 languages, including Swahili, Amharic, Indonesian and more. We work on dictionary terms and software strings for the client’s software products, translating them from English on a regular basis.

To keep the process quick and efficient, we have 40 linguists working simultaneously to ensure that all the translations are delivered at the same time. In order to maintain consistency, we also strive to use the same team of native translators each time, as they are familiar with the client’s expectations in terms of branding and style.

Expanding the collaboration

Alongside the regular software translation that STB provides for Unily, we are looking to further diversify the services we provide for this client. For example, we recently translated their website from English into German. As the reach of Unily’s solutions continues to grow, we hope that our collaboration with them will do the same.

Andrew Lloyd and Associates (ALA) is a European-based public relations agency for the life sciences, medtech and emerging technology markets.

The company aims to help its clients reach multiple stakeholders worldwide and connect with high-profile influencers in their key markets. One aspect of this endeavour is increasing the visibility of news stories by translating them into English, the lingua franca of the majority of the global population. This is where Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) comes in.

Andrew Lloyd and Associates

STB has been working with Andrew Lloyd & Associates since 2012, translating its press releases from French to American English.

“ALA provides strategic communications for international technology and life science markets. The vast majority of our requests are for French-English press release translations in these fields. STB always provide us with timely, accurate work in a complex area in which we need to rely on the best people available.”

The newsworthy workflow

As ALA works in the life sciences and advanced technology sectors, the content of the press releases is often highly specialised and complex in nature. STB therefore has an experienced team of dedicated translators for ALA projects. These linguists are able to draw on their technical expertise in addition to the knowledge they have built up regarding the client’s preferred terminology and writing style.

In addition to this, ALA’s multilingual team have experience in a cross-section of industrial areas and excellent linguistic skills. This means the translations STB delivers are also looked over by ALA’s in-house editors before the press releases go live. Any stylistic changes are then fed back to us, so we can update our translators and internal documentation on an ongoing basis. This workflow helps us deliver better translations each and every time.

An inspiring story

We take pride in having a longstanding relationship with a female-led company such as ALA. It is inspiring to collaborate with female drivers in the STEM industry, and we look forward to continuing to support ALA and their clients through our translation services.

Established in 1870, the University of Portsmouth is a public university in the city of Portsmouth, England. It is one of just four universities in the South-East region to have a gold rating from the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

The university is also ranked third of all modern post-92 universities in the UK for research power, which measures the quality and quantity of research.

They are currently taking part in a great initiative called the Accelerating Women’s Enterprise (AWE). This is a collaborative project supporting women’s entrepreneurship in the UK and France. AWE is funded by the European Union’s Interreg programme.

The AWE programme aims to helps female founders develop entrepreneurial skills and access support to set up and grow their businesses.

University of Portsmouth

The research element of the AWE project in the UK is being overseen by the University of Portsmouth. This is where Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) came in.

Translation of research reports

The university team working on this project approached STB in early 2020 to discuss having their research findings translated. However, because of the uncertainties posed by the pandemic, the publication was pushed back.

Since 2021, STB has translated two reports from English into French. They highlight findings from research about gender bias in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially against disadvantaged female entrepreneurs.

“It has been a pleasure working with the Surrey Translation Bureau who have been very helpful and efficient. Their translation services have allowed us to share our research findings with a French-speaking audience which benefits a wider number of people.”

Given the importance of the findings for women in business in the UK and across the Channel, it was imperative that the translations were accurate and conveyed the message clearly. With this in mind, we suggested to the client that the translations should also be revised. The client was receptive to the idea and went ahead with translation and revision. Having a second native French linguist go through the translated text ensured it was fit for publication.

Collaborating in the future

We are really proud to be involved with this pioneering project and hope to continue the partnership until the end of the project in 2023. We also look forward to working on further research projects with the University of Portsmouth in the future.

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Surrey Translation Bureau

As an award winning ISO certified translation agency, we offer language services to corporates, professional organisations, public bodies, individuals and other translation agencies. We have experience translating across almost all world languages and work with specialists in a wide range of fields including medical, legal, technical, marketing, financial, science, the EU and environment.

STB’s mission today is to provide high-quality and customised language solutions for any client – whatever their size – who wants to thrive in the dynamic global market or who simply wants to communicate more effectively with their customers and suppliers overseas.

Established in 1934, Russell Finex is a global leader in fine mesh separation technology, designing and manufacturing vibratory sieves, separators, ultrasonic mesh deblinding systems and liquid filters for use in the processing industries. Their equipment is made for a global market and is supplied to over 140 countries. They have companies in the UK, USA, Belgium, India and China, and a wide network of agents and distributors across the globe.

Russell Finex

Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) supports Russell Finex with their international operations, as well as sales and marketing activities.

STB has been working with Russell Finex since 2004, translating technical documents from English into other European languages. We now also translate some of their marketing content.

“As Russell Finex operates in every corner of the world, it’s vital we have a reliable service to provide accurate translations for key marketing materials including flyers, brochures, and our multi-lingual website.  Surrey Translation Bureau deliver high-quality translations with quick turnover, friendly staff, and accurate translations. Making use of our provided glossary for specific industrial terms, their team ensures our promotional materials provide an accurate and streamlined user experience in all languages. This partnership has proven valuable to us as our business continues to expand.”

Sieving out the issues

When we initially started working with Russell Finex, we realised that their technical manuals were in a format that was incompatible with our translation software. The manual process of extracting the text from the CAD (computer aided design) drawings and preparing it for translation was rather time consuming. Also, once the translations were completed, the client then had to put the translated text back into the CAD drawings manually.

However, our team was able to find a tool to easily convert the technical files to a format compatible with our CAT (computer assisted translation) software. Following a successful trial, we were able to simplify our workflow with Russell Finex who benefitted from reductions in delivery time as a result. We are pleased to say that we have continued to consistently meet the client’s expectations, both in terms of quality and time.

Mesh of quality translators

Given the highly specialised nature of the text we translate for Russell Finex, the requirements for the linguists we use are also accordingly strict. We only use native qualified translators who have the technical expertise to handle the complex content. Furthermore, to ensure consistency across the translations, we use a set team of linguists who are familiar with the style and tone of the client, and also have a designated backup team for a more efficient workflow.

Over the years, we have built an increasingly trusting relationship with Russell Finex, which has also led to an increase in the frequency of the projects we work on. We have now also started providing translation for their marketing materials, including newsletters, blogs and similar texts.

We are extremely proud to support the international sales and expansion of an award-winning company like Russell Finex. As they continue to grow, we hope to diversify the services we provide them and look forward to our partnership continuing for years to come.

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Surrey Translation Bureau

As an award winning ISO certified translation agency, we offer language services to corporates, professional organisations, public bodies, individuals and other translation agencies. We have experience translating across almost all world languages and work with specialists in a wide range of fields including medical, legal, technical, marketing, financial, science, the EU and environment.

STB’s mission today is to provide high-quality and customised language solutions for any client – whatever their size – who wants to thrive in the dynamic global market or who simply wants to communicate more effectively with their customers and suppliers overseas.