• Medical

    Our work for medical and pharmaceutical companies includes IFUs, packaging, labels, websites, promotional and marketing material, and medical studies, trials and research.

  • NHS

    We regularly translate letters and notes for individual patients and doctors, as well as helping to make NHS leaflets and booklets available in different languages for multicultural communities.

  • Legal

    We regularly translate documents and reports for cases involving immigration, travel, accidents, family law and child welfare. We also have translators who specialise in patents and contracts.

  • Engineering

    We help UK firms export their inventions and expertise in fields including consultancy, electronics, mechanical and marine engineering, energy and the environment.

  • Manufacturing

    If you import and export industrial machinery, food and drink or toys, then it’s likely you will need translations, just like our many existing clients.

  • Financial Services

    Mortgage papers, insurance certificates, tax documents, market reports – these are just some examples of the work we have done for financial service providers and agents.

  • Marketing

    If you are looking to export, we can help your brand travel to different countries by translating websites, promotional material, press releases and packaging for your target market.

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  • Subtitling

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  • Notarisation and Legalisation

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  • Medical

    We work with charities to effectively communicate important health-awareness messages in plain English to non-native speakers living in the UK, by translating them into Polish, Chinese, Urdu, Nepali and more.

  • Animal welfare

    Our experience in this area includes translating letters and information about international livestock farming, the ethical treatment of animals and government policy.

  • Humanitarian

    We appreciate the chance to work with any international aid charity. In particular, we support Translators Without Borders by raising awareness, fundraising and supplying pro bono translations. Read more here.

  • Certificates

    If you need a translation of a birth, marriage, divorce or death certificate, or an academic qualification or training certificate for official purposes, then we can supply the translation and legalisation services you need.

  • Contracts

    We have a pool of translators who are specialists in translating property, employment and insurance contracts.

  • Family documents

    We can help you preserve important family documents by translating memoirs, letters and family trees into your chosen language.

  • Legal documents

    If you need a translation of your regulations, contracts or processes, we make sure the legal language retains exactly the same meaning and register across all languages.

  • Correspondence

    Our translations of internal and external correspondence communicate your message clearly and always maintain the correct tone.

  • Publications

    Handbooks, research papers, annual reports and guides are just a few examples of documents we regularly translate for professional institutions.

  • Software

    All our project managers and translators have the required expertise in mainstream CAT tools, such as SDL Trados Studio and MemoQ, and we regularly work with client-specific tools.

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  • Workflow

    We can follow our standard procedure or offer a custom workflow based on your system.

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  • Quality control

    We uphold our high quality standards by selecting the best linguists for your project, offering clearly defined service levels and conducting rigorous in-house quality checks.

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  • Government

    We have a long track record of working for local government, regulatory bodies and housing associations, and are a long-standing approved supplier for the European Union.

  • Education

    We have extensive experience translating prospectuses and websites for universities and colleges, content for e-learning platforms, certificates and correspondence for individual students.