Hilarious cricket terms to bowl you over during The Ashes!

Written on 16 June, 2023

“When life throws you a #Bosie, hit it to the #CowCorner!”

Unveiling the crazy, funny side of cricket today in celebration of the opening day of The Ashes. Here are some of the most hilarious cricket terms that are sure to bowl you over!


1. Bosie – No, it’s not a cute nickname for your dog. It’s actually a tricky delivery bowled by right arm leg spinners. If you’re up against Abdul Qadir, better watch out for this one!

2. Bunsen – Sounds like a science term, doesn’t it? Well, in cricket, it’s a pitch assisting slow bowlers. Beware, batsmen!

3. Cow corner – Where do the cows play? Well, in cricket, it’s a fielding position between long on and deep midwicket. No cows there, just fielders.

4. Gardening – In cricket, you don’t need a shovel or a plant for this. It’s simply the act of repairing indentations in the pitch with your bat. Who knew cricketers were also part-time gardeners?

5. Jaffa – Nope, it’s not a type of orange. It’s an unplayable delivery by a bowler. If you’re facing a jaffa, good luck!

6. Fast Leg Theory – Sounds like something from physics class, but it’s actually a bowling strategy from the 1930s. Remember Bodyline? That’s it!

7. Mankad – Don’t worry, it’s not a new dance move. It’s a term used to describe a bowler running out a batsman at the non-striker’s end. Quite a move, isn’t it?

8. Sandshoe crusher – Now, this one sounds painful! It’s another name for the ‘yorker’. Watch your toes, batsmen!

9. Yips – Not the sound you make when you’re scared, but a mental condition when a player loses his basic skills. If you catch the yips, it’s time to take a break.

10. Zooter – Sounds like a fun scooter ride, but it’s a special kind of delivery in cricket. All credits to Shane Warne for this one!

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Cricket, much more than just a gentleman’s game. It’s a game of extraordinary terms and hilarious nicknames. Stay tuned for more cricket fun facts!

Written by Greg Hyne