Surrey Translation Bureau embraces sustainability with collaboration day

Written on 27 November, 2023

In an effort to blend teamwork with environmental consciousness, Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) held an engaging collaboration day focused on the topic of sustainability on 23 November.

STB holds quarterly collaboration days on a range of different themes, aimed at fostering teamwork and constructive collaboration among staff members. The collaboration day activities are designed to encourage personal connections between team members who don’t see each other on a regular basis because of the company’s hybrid work model.

Employees from various departments got together at the company’s office in Farnham in the morning for some cross-team collaboration. There were lots of conversations around the kettle and more serious meetings in the boardroom.

After a relaxed lunch at a local cafe, the team returned to the office to get on with some sustainability-themed training and activities. The team engaged in workshops and discussions on eco-friendly practices, aiming to cultivate a more environmentally conscious approach within the company’s operations. The training was an eye-opener about how much impact making small changes to our daily habits at the workplace can make — sharing links instead of attachments, deleting unnecessary emails, switching off devices at the end of the day and so much more. Colleagues also set achievable goals that will reduce our carbon footprint both personally and as a company.

Collaboration day lunch

It was followed by exciting games and quizzes that definitely brought out the competitive side of the team. From sustainability bingo and a recycling race to SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Pictionary, who knew learning about saving the earth could be so much fun!

This collaboration day was not only about working together but also about embracing sustainability as a core value within our company. It was fantastic to see everyone come together, share ideas and learn how we can contribute to a greener future“, said George Cooke, Managing Director, reflecting on the day’s events.

Sustainability at STB

STB has been diligently pursuing the goals and objectives outlined in its Sustainability Policy. 

The Language Service Provider has also collaborated with students from the University of Southampton Business School to help produce their inaugural sustainability report. This initiative is not only instrumental in advancing STB’s sustainability goals but also in supporting students’ academic endeavours and future career prospects. 

STB was recently nominated as a finalist in the Sustainability category of the prestigious Westminster Business Council 2023 Awards. This recognition further highlighted STB’s commitment to sustainable business practices and its dedication to environmental responsibility. 

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